Isaiah announces what would happen to the Messiah a thousand years before his first coming.

cruxificción de cristo

It is very easy to find in the scriptures how the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is announced even a thousand years before his arrival. First in the book of Enoch written for a generation that in their time they called distant. And more recently in the book of Isaiah
Both testimonies are precursors of the arrival of the Messiah our teacher. Isaiah 53: 1-5 shows us clearly what he had to suffer and the salvation that would bring on us all the pain that our Lord suffered.

Christ was despised and rejected among men.

Isaiah tells us that Christ was a man of sorrows, experienced in losses. Despite all the healings and miracles that he did in his time; in the moments of anguish that he had to suffer, all hid their face from him. He was looked down upon and was not appreciated. Everyone forgot the good that he did.

But, although we do not esteem him, he carried on him our diseases and suffered our pains. He was scourged and the wicked believed that he had been struck down by God. But Christ was wounded for our rebellions, scourged for our sins. The punishment of our peace was upon him. That is why by his stripes we were healed.

Christ did not complain during his hard journey to the crucifixion.

On the long road to his death, although he was distraught and grieved, he did not open his mouth. As a lamb he was led to the slaughter. He made his life an atonement for sin. And the will of the Lord was in his hand, and it prospered him.
Christ is the way and the life. There is no salvation except through him. Only Christ will be able to justify us on the great day. The terrible day of the Lord. The Lord was counted among the sinners having borne the sin of many and having prayed for the transgressors.

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