What to do when we do not feel God?

Es la oración tan poderosa

Sometimes we get tired of fighting for what we think is right. Our faith begins to grow cold and we do not know how or when apathy and laziness fill our lives. It is then where we must ask ourselves what we are doing wrong. Why is the grace of God away from our life? What to do when we do not feel God?

We have all felt this way at some point in our lives, psychologically exhausted without knowing why. Falling again and again into the same sins that we said we would never commit again. It is like a state of no return that chills the faith, that hurts and makes you doubt everything that you once firmly believed.

Constant prayer is the answer to our problems

What to do when we do not feel God? Why is this happening to us? The first thing we must understand is that our prayer is no longer the same, or that our cry has been quenched. When prayer is lost, the enemy tries to take control. Then depression appears, laziness; And some of us even try to calm those feelings of frustration that we can’t understand with food.
And we succumb to that depressed state and hurt ourselves more and more every day. Until we feel so guilty that we believe that God will not forgive us. We abandon the path and bring the enemy into our lives to destroy what little we have left of faith and self-esteem.

You are not alone in your weakness God is there.

So if you are having moments like this brother or sister reading this word, you have to pray! Life and the way to reach God are not easy and the enemy is using all his power to destroy you. Our most powerful weapon is prayer, raise your cry that our God will not let you down.

What to do when we do not feel God? Pray.

My God, Lord Jesus Christ: you who see our weakness and our sorrow, forgive our sins, which are many and use your powerful hand to remove from me and my family all the damage that the enemy wants to do us.
There have been times when I think you have forgotten me and anguish has surrounded me. But now I understand that you never left and that I let my voice fade. This is my prayer of reconciliation, my father. You love me so much that you forgive all my weaknesses, even though I don’t deserve it.
I’ve been weak Lord. And I call on your strength because I just can’t. But I can do everything in you Jesus who strengthens me. Lift me up with your strength Lord and free me from all demonic bondage! Free me from all negative thoughts, free me from all filth. Separate and cast out of me everything that is not of God and allow me to finally be that new creature that by your love has been cleansed and liberated forever.
May your powerful hand never leave my side. and allow Lord that when I feel oppressed and mention your name; Your mighty hand always save me from the traps of the enemy.

Autor: novarosales

Amo la redacción y me hace feliz que aquí, encuentres la respuesta a lo que buscas. Este es el oráculo, todas tus dudas serán respondidas. ¿Algo te preocupa y te quita el sueño?¡Pregúntame! Te sorprenderá constatar que Dios tiene todas las respuestas que necesitas. No todas las respuestas serán lo que quieres oir pero si serán lo que necesitas para sanar y empezar de nuevo un camino mejor donde te esperan cosas maravillosas. Decídete a preguntar ¡ Te espero!

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