Apostle John 13: 34-36: I give you a new commandment.

confianza en Dios

There is no true faith, if you do not feel love and compassion for your neighbor. Many of our brothers consider that salvation is obtained by grace and they are right. But a heart that has no love for its neighbor and that is unable to feel compassion for the needy on earth will never be welcomed into God’s presence. Because one of the most precious legacies our savior left us was loving one another.
The bible says in 1 John 4: 7: Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God. Everyone who loves is born of God, and knows God.
That’s right brothers. You cannot have faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. You can’t say you love Christ when you don’t put his teachings into action. Faith without works is dead! Love is so important that even Our Lord included it as a commandment to his disciples.
The bible says in John 13: 34-36: I give you a new commandment: Love one another, as I have loved you, so love one another. The mutual love between you will be the hallmark by which everyone will recognize you as my disciples.

The servants of Christ should be loving, humble, and giving.

The servants of Christ must be loving, humble, giving, because that is the nature of the teacher. That is our legacy! What are we battling against evil and sin within ourselves day by day? That is also true, human nature tends to evil and is inclined to vice, that is why overcoming our own limits and weaknesses is a great victory.
Following Christ is difficult, you fall a thousand times, but you get up with Christ. Sin tempts you thousands of times, but more times you reject sin than you succumb to it. God knows we are not perfect and that is how he chose us. Because He can see the best in us and He knows that there are more good things we can do than the evil that lurks within our hearts.
Prayer is the perfect medicine to purify the evil of the heart and to overcome sin and earthly temptations. Sin will always be there, at the door. Be careful brothers! Because the enemy walks like a roaring lion. Because he knows his time is short. Let’s do as the teacher said; Let’s love one another, help the needy, and pray. Because in the power of prayer is total victory over the enemy.

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Amo la redacción y me hace feliz que aquí, encuentres la respuesta a lo que buscas. Este es el oráculo, todas tus dudas serán respondidas. ¿Algo te preocupa y te quita el sueño?¡Pregúntame! Te sorprenderá constatar que Dios tiene todas las respuestas que necesitas. No todas las respuestas serán lo que quieres oir pero si serán lo que necesitas para sanar y empezar de nuevo un camino mejor donde te esperan cosas maravillosas. Decídete a preguntar ¡ Te espero!

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