What happens when you ignore God’s call?

entrar al reino de dios sin perdonar ofensas

What happens when you ignore God’s call? This is a question that many of us often ask ourselves. Many times the Lord sends us his servants to preserve our way from evil, to warn us of the plans that the enemy forges to destroy us. But we are blinded by what the world gives us and we ignore the warnings and messages of help we receive from Jesus.
Many of us ignore the word. Others even mock the messages of salvation. And only when calamity knocks on our doors, we remind ourselves of God, and cry out to the Lord for help. But at that time, not all of us received the miracle we hope for. Because faith in God and love of neighbor; It is the basis for communion with our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is not the one who puts difficulties in your way.

When we do not receive the word of the Lord once this word has been sent to us; the road is long, difficult, and difficulties sometimes overcome us. But it is not God who makes our path difficult. The person who works to destroy us is the devil. The enemy uses our own weaknesses and ambitions to make us lose the grace that God gave us.
But it is good that they know that not only the one who does not receive the word is attacked by Satan. When is greater the faith of a Christian, more difficulties the enemy will put in his way to bring him down. The life of a Christian is not easy, and many tears and losses will accompany him along the way.
But he will also be accompanied by the joy of the Lord, which is the greatest happiness to which human beings can aspire. The joy of the Lord will be part of your life. Because the Lord does not abandon his faithful and at the time of your trial he will be with you to support you and give you victory.

What happens when you ignore God’s call?

The word of God says: When your fear comes as destruction, when your calamity comes like a whirlwind, and tribulation and anguish come upon you. Then they will call me and I will not answer, they will seek me diligently and will not find me.

Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of the Lord. They did not want my advice and they despised all my reproof. Then they will eat the fruit of their way and be satisfied with their own advice. Because his waywardness will kill the naive and his slovenliness will spoil the foolish. But whoever listens to me will be calm without fear of evil. Proverbs 1: 27-33

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