How to pray biblically?

orar a Dios

Many times we feel oppressed by circumstances. And we wonder how to pray biblically speaking. Both Christians and non-Christians; They receive attacks from the enemy, at work, finances, relationship and family. And it is up to us whether we stay on the floor or get up.
A prayer of faith is the best way to win a battle. And there are different prayers for each circumstance of life, As the bible shows us in the book of psalms; so we must pray biblically for our prayers to be answered.
Do you feel that everyone is against you and that nothing is prospering? Do your enemies wish for your ruin? Do people you helped now speak ill of you because you have decided to get ahead? Do people who helped you for a while hate you because you have become independent and want to continue to prosper? I will teach you how to pray biblically for God to hear you.

How to pray biblically for divine protection.

Wash your body first. Then enter your room and on your knees: Lord I humble myself at your feet recognizing that you are my savior and that there is no way to eternal life but in you. Listen to my affliction, my father, and I thank you for allowing me to pray and be at your feet today.

Psalm 3: 1-8

Oh Lord, how many have my adversaries multiplied. Many are those who rise up against me. Many are those who say there is no salvation for him. Selah. But you, the Lord, are a shield around me; my glory and the one who lifts my head.
With my voice I cried out to Jehovah and He answered me from his holy mountain. Selah. I lay down and slept, and woke up because Jehovah sustained me. I will not fear 10 thousand people who will place a place against me. Arise Jehovah: save me my God. For you have struck all my enemies on the cheeks and the teeth of the wicked you have broken. Salvation is Jehovah’s. Your blessing be upon me and your people. Selah.

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Amo la redacción y me hace feliz que aquí, encuentres la respuesta a lo que buscas. Este es el oráculo, todas tus dudas serán respondidas. ¿Algo te preocupa y te quita el sueño?¡Pregúntame! Te sorprenderá constatar que Dios tiene todas las respuestas que necesitas. No todas las respuestas serán lo que quieres oir pero si serán lo que necesitas para sanar y empezar de nuevo un camino mejor donde te esperan cosas maravillosas. Decídete a preguntar ¡ Te espero!

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