The Book of Enoch II

the book of enoch

Sometimes I wonder why the book of Enoch harbors so much controversy. We know that the book is almost 5000 years old. If it was made by someone other than Enoch, which is what the skeptics allege ¿To what end would a man who lived more than 5000 years ago do something like this? It is irrelevant whether or not the one who wrote these events was Enoch. Because the age of the book is not questioned but its author. The relevant is that this ancient text also speaks of our savior Jesus Christ and of his second coming. It is a text that talks about the apocalypse, long before the apostle John had the visions about the end times.

¿Is the book of Enoch not credible in many of its parts?

250 years ago, no one would believe that you could travel to the moon, that there were wireless phones and Wi-Fi, much less that there were electric cars like the Tesla. Surely if someone had talked about these technological advances during the Spanish inquisition; he would have been burned as a heretic at the stake or forced to die in a madhouse. And yet here we are in the age of technology.
Therefore, we must focus on the divine message and not on what we believe or not that does not exist. Because what is impossible for our generation today will be a fact for the future generation. And what today may be impossible for those of us who do not live in the past was surely a reality for our ancestors.

The book of Enoch does not degrade the gospel message.

Of course the Book of Enoch does not misrepresent the Gospel. It complements it. It is our past, the past of the first followers of the living God. It shows us what was before. And it gives us the Hope of the arrival in the world of the Messiah and of the new covenant.
The book of Enoch is studied to know the past. We all read the Pentateuch because it tells us about the beginnings of creation and to get to know our God better. So also the book of Enoch tells us about our first ancestors. What does the book of Enoch speak of giants that inhabited the earth, of fallen angels and other horrible things? Our Old Testament says that God parted the Red Sea for Israel to pass through and that the Spirit of God followed them in a pillar of fire at night to give light and a pillar of cloud in the day.
Our God fought by sending fire from heaven against the enemies of Israel, feeding them with manna 40 years in the desert. And we believe it by faith. If we believe in that we can believe that there were giants, I don’t see the big difference. Furthermore, the descendants of giants lived in Hebron the city that Caleb took for his descendants.

The book of Enoch is just knowing the past.

We know that Christ with his death sealed a new covenant of salvation for humanity. The book of Enoch is not to be preached. But if God allowed it to survive until today it is because a story that everyone wants to erase must be known. Because it’s terrifying to think that things like that once walked the face of the earth.
Our life is past present and future. Wisdom and knowledge are gifts from God and we cannot be amazed at anything. So read, discover, but never turn away from God. When you go to read books like this; ask God for discernment and wisdom. There is a lot of horror in this book, incredible things and some painful ones. But the wisdom of God is in him.
We are imperfect beings that despite suffering and miracles our hearts are hard as stone. May God have mercy on us.

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