Can the lazy Christian reverse and improve his relationship with God?

lazy christian

It is well specified in the bible that the lazy Christian achieves nothing, and that all the potential that God has put into him is wasted. However, it is difficult but not impossible to reverse this situation.
It does not mean that the lazy Christian does not love God. But the spirit of laziness does not let him advance, he feels tired, unmotivated, wants to start to improve, but temptations appear that divert his attention from him, he becomes distracted and again loses his way.
The lazy person suffers, feels useless, repents and asks the Lord for help to change his life because he alone cannot. He falls over and over into lassitude and monotony until he gives up.
So he sleeps a lot, everything causes him apathy and physical and moral ruin comes over him step by step; until there is no way out but to raise your voice again and cry out to God for help. Or drop into despair and live a life without hope.

Constant prayer is the lazy Christian’s weapon.

The only thing that can change a lazy Christian’s life is constant prayer. Pray in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. Prayer is the only thing that can free the lazy person from the spirit of ruin and stagnation. Because this evil spirit is strong and once he has his prey he does not let go.
I am a lazy Christian on the road to recovery and I know it is hard to get over it. And when I don’t want to get up in the daytime I cry out: Holy Spirit of God help me, when I run out of inspiration I cry out: Jesus Christ help your servant Lord. And I have been able to understand that, if I cry out with faith, the Lord hears me; and he protects me from the spirit that wants to take my salvation and that wants to destroy my life.
The spirit of laziness is worse than simple sin, simple sin is confessed and the Lord cleanses you according to your faith and repentance. Laziness destroys yourself step by step. Today you say I will sleep a little more, tomorrow you say I will not go to work, then you feel spiritually and physically tired. And the time comes when you just eat, sleep, cry, feel miserable and depression rears its head to destroy what little is left of your self-esteem.

Today is the time to get laziness out of your life!

Tell laziness: Demon you’re done here because I’m going to pray to the Lord until you release me. Because God said that he who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to whom he calls it will be opened. And I am asking God to take you out of my life, I am looking for the Holy Spirit to sustain me in my weakness and I am calling Jesus Christ to take my hand and guide me along the path of life. Satan out of my life in the name of Jesus.
And remember brother that prayer will set us free. At the beginning you have to pray at all times. It will be a heavy task but you will reap the fruits of your perseverance as I am reaping mine.
God does not want us to get lost, and the Lord will be there to sustain us. Start today, don’t leave it until tomorrow! It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to pray, just say what you feel, God listens to the heart. The Lord is waiting for you He sees you in your despair and He is only waiting for you to cry out in faith. It does not matter if you feel that on the first day the second day, or the third day God does not listen to you. He is always listening and in his moment he will liberate you as I feel liberated step by step.
Be constant in your prayer and prays as if your life depended on it. Because the devil wants to destroy you. The devil does not want you to prosper, he does not want you to be saved. When you begin to pray, many things will appear that appear to be good. Don’t be fooled! They are lies of the devil to keep you from prayer. Persevere in prayer brothers an sisters and you will achieve victory.
Amen Jesus.

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