The third Psalm. Protection against enemies.

There are many occasions when we go through periods of great difficulty, in which our faith is tested in different ways. At work, at home with friends. But those moments of sadness and insecurity can be pushed away with the powerful third psalm.
The third psalm is a cry for help in times of greatest need. A plea that transcends the spirit and reaches the feet of our Savior.

Jehovah is my shield :Psalms 3: 1-8

Oh Jehovah, how many my adversaries have multiplied against me. Many are those who rise up against me. Many are those who say of me: there is not salvation for him in God. Selah. But you Jehovah, you are a shield around me, my glory and the one who lifts my head. With my voice I cried out to Jehovah and He answered me from his holy mountain. Selah.
I lay down and slept, and woke up because Jehovah sustained me. I will not fear ten thousand people who will lay siege against me. Arise Oh Jehovah ¡Save me my God! Because you hit my enemies on the cheeks. The teeth of the wicked hast broken. Salvation is Jehovah’s. Your blessing be upon your people. Selah.

The third psalm. True faith works miracles.

If you are downcast and feel cornered by difficult trials. Enter your rooms and shut the door pray out to the Lord. If words are not your strong suit and you don’t know how to pray. This psalm is a powerful invocation for God to hear you. He will see and hear your affliction and he will answer you from his heavenly abode.
All that we ask the Father in the name of Jesus Christ. By our faith in Him it will be granted to us. You just have to believe it. God loves us. He will not put a burden on you that you cannot bear, or a test that you cannot overcome. Who perseveres in prayer will reap victories.

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Amo la redacción y me hace feliz que aquí, encuentres la respuesta a lo que buscas. Este es el oráculo, todas tus dudas serán respondidas. ¿Algo te preocupa y te quita el sueño?¡Pregúntame! Te sorprenderá constatar que Dios tiene todas las respuestas que necesitas. No todas las respuestas serán lo que quieres oir pero si serán lo que necesitas para sanar y empezar de nuevo un camino mejor donde te esperan cosas maravillosas. Decídete a preguntar ¡ Te espero!

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