The book of Enoch tells about the rebellious angels and their offspring.

por qué el libro de enox fue excluido de la biblia

One of the real reasons the book of Enoch was removed from the bible; It is because it tells us about the rebellious angels and their union with the women of the earth. This unnatural union produced a hybrid offspring of giants, who over time were not satisfied with anything and according to the words of Enoch the man of God, this race turned against humans and began to devour them.

Says chapter 7: 1-6 of the book of Enoch man of God.

1- All and their leaders took women for themselves and each one chose among all of them and began to enter them and contaminate themselves with them, to teach them witchcraft, magic and root cutting and to teach them about plants.
2- They became pregnant by them and gave birth to giants of about three thousand cubits in height that were born on the earth and according to their childhood they grew;
3 – And they devoured the work of all the sons of men until humans could no longer supply them.
4- Then, the giants turned against the humans to kill and devour them.
5- And they began to sin against all the birds of the sky and against all the beasts of the earth, against the reptiles and against the fish of the sea, and they devoured one another’s flesh and drank blood. (Jr 12: 4)

6-Then the land accused the wicked for everything that had been done in it. (Gen 6: 5-11,13; Rev 12:16)
When Enoch speaks of all and the heads of him, he refers to the watchers. The angels that God had sent to care for us. You will ask yourselves; Is all this biblically based? Although those who mutilated the book of God wanted to remove all the evidence could not.

¿Where does the bible say that the giants were devouring humans?

In the book of Psalms 14: 4 it clearly says: Do not all who work iniquity know that they eat my people as if they were bread? And they do not invoke the Lord.
It also says that Jehovah looked down from heaven upon the sons of man to see if there were any sensible ones who would seek God. But they had all strayed. One had been corrupted. There was no one who did good. Not even one.
(Psalms 14: 2-3)
Most of the verses in the book of Enoch are covered by other verses that we can find in our bible. That is why it can be verified biblically that this is the word of God and the forerunner of the other testimonies that are expressed in this Holy book.
Below some verses I leave you with an outline of the word of Enoch that were written centuries later by other men of God and that appear in other biblical books. These demonstrate the veracity of the facts and above all that the word of God is immutable.
How did God punish the rebellious angels? He will continue …

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