Helping the poor produces blessing and attracts the gaze of God.


Many of us Christians do not understand the blessing of helping those in need around us. Says the word of God in Psalms 41: 1-2
Blessed is he who cares for the poor! In the day of evil the Lord will deliver him.
The Lord will keep him and give him life, so that he may be happy on earth. He will not hand it over to the will of his enemies.

Many Christians say: I do not have for myself How to give to others?

Look at yourself in the mirror of the poor widow, who while the rich were throwing many coins on the altar of offerings; she only threw in two blanks and attracted the gaze of God. God cares much more about what he has little than about what he has much. Because by helping others with what little you have today; You give what your life depends on and that of your family and that attracts the gaze of God.
We all have something to offer others. A glass of milk that you give to someone in need is a blessing that you receive.

¿Do you know why many Christians do not come out of their poverty?

Because they are not able to share what little they have. And if you are not able to share in the little, God will not put you in the much. Because is not generosity in your heart.
Loving your neighbor as yourself, means caring for the poor, the needy, and the widow. It is reaching out to people in difficulty with what you can. There will always be someone who has less than you.

God loves a cheerful giver.

So whenever you pass near a needy stop; ask him how he feels. If you have something to offer, give it to him without embarrassing him. Sometimes a kind word is worth more than a lot of money for which he feels lonely and sad.
Blessed be Jehovah God of Israel, from eternity to eternity. Amen and amen.

Autor: novarosales

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